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Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, I am a fine arts photographer with a passion for being behind the lens.  I grew up in the rural setting of Dunchurch, Ontario, where I spent my summers exploring the natural landscape, and appreciating the beauty of the outdoors.  I have lived in various places throughout my life, and each have impacted the way that I see the world, having allowed me to better understand and value the stark differences between city and country, and the unique facets that each have to offer.

Photography has always been a personal love of mine; taking what I see within the world and capturing it in a tangible image is simply awe-inspiring.  I strive to make images that are unique, captivating, and that force the viewer to step-back and contemplate what it is that they are seeing.  By adding an abstract element to my art, I challenge perceptions and demonstrate that there is always more than one way for something to be seen.


-- Bridget Shacklette